Lark & Linen’s Lovely Lair

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Jacquelyn Clark’s condo is indeed a lovely lair. It’s that Jacquelyn knows aching or two about beautiful spaces. Interior designer and curator of Lark & Linen, she is also the Style Me Pretty Livings Editor.


lark and linen bedroom


I have to admit that I often have a bias against condos, finding them devoid of any personality and charm, but what she has been able to accomplish in this condo is nothing short of fantastic.

Bright and airy, the open floor plan offers visual interest from any angle you look at the space. Despite the visual impact of the living area, there is one thing you will not see and that is any Lego colours upon the walls. In fact, the walls are all a soft shade of silvery grey except the accent wall in the office which has gorgeous black and white stripes.


bedroom flowers lark and linen bedroom accents

I like how the space looks so fresh and young with its mix of vintage and new, its iconic design elements and big store accents.

Here are my favourite design takeaways of this delightful condo:

1. The brass accents found around the entire condo which give a touch of of world glam, as if the space wasn’t so new.

2. The white curtains, hung as close to the ceiling as possible to give the room height and because their monochromatic colour palette has a unifying effect as well as becoming an anchor of texture and femininity to the decor rather than an element of distraction.

3. The fresh blooms. Always & everywhere, for no particular reason whatever.

4. The sisal rugs in the dining and living room. Look at their textures and yet notice too how unobtrusive they are when considered against the whole of the open living area.

5. The industrial pipes bookcase. A great idea to add storage and a little rugged element to an otherwise quietly feminine space.


lark and linen bedroom decor   black and white dining room   classic dining chairs   dining room center piece   lark and linen living room-2   lark and linen living room   living room flowers   living room wall accents   living room   pipe bookshelf   office   office-lark and linen   office accents   Photographer Heidi Lau for Style me Pretty

Spotted on the web 10.24.14

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This week has been cold and grey in this neck of the woods. So, neatly tucked in a warm blanket I snooped all over the web in search of warmth and I wasn’t disappointed.

Have a great weekend lovelies!


spotted on the web 10.24.13


A great designer disappeared this week, and of all the publications I saw in my various feeds, this one is the one that made me smile.

Because we all need lovely wallpapers in or lives, Cup of Jo’s roundup is not to be missed.

Since it is useless trying to fight it… here are 7 things to do in order to prepare your house for winter.

Check out these beautiful hand crocheted and hand knit items from Lacasadecotó.

A colourful bag high on my coveted list.

And finally, some pick me up colour combos for your home.


Publicité Sauvage chez L’Affichiste

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L’Art de rue montréalais, transporté à l’intérieur des murs : Publicité Sauvage chez L’Affichiste


S.Huot_Affiche_Pub Sauvage_24x36


La seule galerie d’affiches de Montréal, inaugurera sa série d’expositions d’affiches avec un événement présentant l’art et les affiches de Publicité Sauvage, l’entreprise d’affichage de rue la plus dynamique de Montréal.

Isabelle Jalbert de Publicité Sauvage et Karen Etingin de L’Affichiste ont sélectionné 50 affiches parmi la vaste collection contenue dans les archives de Publicité Sauvage qui, selon elles, illustrent bien l’évolution du graphisme et du design portés par l’entreprise, et qui a fait de ce petit groupe disparate d’afficheurs l’une des équipes de publicité extérieure la plus reconnue de Montréal. L’Art de l’affichage de Publicité Sauvage, une sous-culture devenue populaireexplore l’esthétisme des affiches contemporaines urbaines dans le contexte spécifique de Montréal.

Les affiches de collection seront en vente à des prix plus que raisonnables nous permettant ainsi à tous d’acquérir un morceau de notre histoire, une parcelle des évènements qui ont marqué notre vie, quels qu’ils soient. Je sais que pour ma part ce sera certainement une affiche des Foufounes Électriques qui viendra s’ajouter à ma collection. #SouvenirsdeJeunesse … :)

L’Art de l’affichage de Publicité Sauvage, une sous-culture devenue populairesera présentée du 6 au 20 novembre 2014.


l’Affichiste471 Rue Saint François Xavier | Montréal, QC | (514) 656-3301

08-TOHU-1 FINAL-hauteresolution PubSauvage_Foufx1_pinabel 25ans_PS_affiche_24x36_vF2_HR 11-BANQ-1 13-Desjardins copie-1

Monday Musing: Rediscovering the 9 to 5

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9 to 5 outfit


I don’t know if it is the change of season or the sheer amount of accumulated sleep deprivation, but I am exhausted.

After a little introspection into my recent lackluster state, I have come to realize that maybe, just maybe, it was the lifestyle I chose that was the culprit. It’s that I have been my own boss for exactly 5 years now – Damask & Dentelle was launched on October 21st 2009, on the first birthday of my daughter Madison – and that I have never completely turned the off button since.


monday morning quote


home office decor3


Owning my own company + the fact that I now work from home means that I never really quit. Add to that a non-negligeable dependance to social media, under the pretext that it’s work (who am I fooling really?) and there you have an over-connected and under-rested business woman/mom of 3.

I love what I do, don’t get me wrong, but I realize that the rhythm at which I am going is completely insane and mostly… unsustainable on the long-term.

So I have made a decision, for real! I have decided that I will now order myself a “normal” schedule of work and that I will try to rediscover what it’s like to work from 9 to 5. I know it might be impossible to really have that kind of schedule, after all I do my most quiet work at night, but I will try really hard to organize my days in order to have most of my work done during the day and to then unwind and disconnect when evening comes.

I think this change, although benign to some, will make a huge difference on my restlessness, on my being present in the moment for my family and on my attentiveness to my - in real life – social  networks!

And you know what? I am not saving lives, I am sure emails can wait 12 hours for my reply. What do you say?


home office inspiration


home office decor


Sources: 1. Fab You Bliss, 2. Lulu’s, 3 to 5. Harper’s Bazaar

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