Monday Musing: 5 Reasons why Decorating is Good for You

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I don’t know if it is because I see myself (not so) slowly creeping towards the next decade, but lately, I have been caught up in reading books about eating for optimum health, exercising – those pesky love handles off - & mindfulness. And for some reason I feel like I am not alone.

Is it a generational thing or a worldwide trend fuelled by best selling authors and awareness campaigns gone viral on the web? Maybe a bit of both. Either or, it is of my little family that I think about when I educate myself on how to become healthier. It is for them that I want to do what’s good for me. 




That got me thinking to what I do for a living. Decorating might seem like a “non-vital” line of work to some, filled with pretty things and consumed with such frivolities as Pinterest (not my words here folks, those of the decor detractors).

Although I agree to the non-vital side of things, may I add that a shelter over someone’s head is still one of the basic needs onto the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. How we then choose to enhance the said shelter is another subject entirely.




That being said (and I promise there is a point here to my musings…) I would like to throw out there the theory that decorating is not only a mood enhancer but that it is actually good for you!

Let me explain the rudiments of my theory:




1) Mood enhancer: Have you ever noticed how elated you feel after purchasing new throw pillows, or completing a decorating project that has been lingering for a while, or simply when you move your furniture around to give you the feeling of a new look?

2) Self-Affirmation: As we do with the clothes we wear, the thoughtfully chosen furnishing and accents we surround ourselves with are a reflection of who we are and how we wish to present ourselves to the world.

3) Zero Carbon Footprint: These pieces of furniture we call vintage (or antique for that matter) have been around for a long time and hence do not bare additional stress onto our fragile ecosystem with their production 0r costly international transportation.

4) Catering to our Hunter’s Instincts: Decorating is not about buying the best money can buy – although sometimes it does help. It is about the “hunt” for what you truly want, the pleasure of finding that elusive and most coveted item you’ve been looking for a long time and that you will cherish forever.

5) Quality over quantity: Finally – and this last point is very much my personal belief – I believe that decorating is a journey rather that a destination. It is not about buying all the latest gadgets or furnishing one’s home out of a catalog, it is about finding these items that speak to you and that you’ll want to pass on to your children. Like gathering treasures rather than clutter.












So on that note, I leave you to some of the books that lay beside my bed right now and that might also inspire you in taking care of yourself.

Have a great week lovelies,



My reading list:


source: Style at Home

Coveted List: Stripes and a Little Sparkle

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I am a creature of habit – my hubby, standing above my shoulder, says that I should put this statement in bold, underline it and surround it with flashing arrows!

No matter how hard I try, every season I gravitate back towards the staples that have become my (almost involuntary) uniform… say hello to my current obsession in terms of stripes with a healthy dose of sparkle of course.

Have a great weekend lovelies,








stripes and jewels - coveted list

Shopping List

1. Pleated Bib Top is Stripes

2. Jeweled Raglan Sweatshirt

3. Sophie Sequin Loafers

4. Ornate Earrings

5. Minted “All in the Details” print

6. Stripe Sheet Set

7. Armless Loveseat

8. Rhapsody Wool Rug


photo sources: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily, Herz Allerliebst, French by Design

Spotted Around the Web…

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Oh, the guilty pleasures of procrastination… Whether you’re looking to kill time at work or you’re already looking forward to a lazy Saturday morning in bed, you’ll need this week’s best links to keep you entertained… - Gabrielle, Savvy Home


Tour Jenna Lyon’s office at the J.Crew headquarters.

Highlights from the NYNOW home show.

I’m loving Happy Menocal’s collaboration with Paperless Post.

Decorating ideas for your home’s 5 smallest spaces.

I’m crushing hard on this breezy Sag Harbor cottage.


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La note à Béné – Pourquoi je pourrais vivre au Cartet

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En tant que professionnelle du marketing et amoureuse de l’art de vivre, je suis toujours en admiration des nouveaux concepts qui tournent autour de la bouffe, la déco, l’art, le spectacle, etc… C’est une des raisons pour lesquelles je suis rapidement tombée en amour avec le Cartet, ce restaurant-boutique du Vieux Port. Mi-boutique gourmande, mi-café-resto, le Cartet a fait les plaisirs de mes cafés du matin, de mes lunchs avec les copines, de mes petits-déjeuners de travail, de mes petits plats sous-vide attrapés à la va-vite avant la fermeture quand je n’ai pas le temps de préparer le souper et de mes envies pressantes de chocolat quand les journées de travail sont trop dures. Ou tout simplement lorsque l’ambiance de Londres me manque trop et que j’ai envie de m’imprégner de cette “vibe” si particulière.

Alors après de longues heures d’analyse, je peux enfin vous le dire… Je pense qu’une des raisons principales de cet amour inconditionnel réside dans l’agencement et le décor de cet endroit. Alors pourquoi aime-je tant le Cartet ?

Est-ce le mélange de briques blanches, de métal et de bois ?

Brique blanche et métal au Cartet

Brique blanche et métal au Cartet

Bois et tuiles blanches au Cartet

Bois et tuiles blanches au Cartet

Cette profusion de gourmandises sur les tablettes ? (ça doit sûrement jouer !!!)

Bar à chocolat au Cartet

Bar à chocolat au Cartet

Comptoir à gourmandises au Cartet

Comptoir à gourmandises au Cartet

Ce comptoir à café si invitant ?

Comptoir à café au Cartet

Comptoir à café au Cartet

Ces longues tables conviviales, éclairées par de jolies ampoules industrielles ?

Longue table conviviale au Cartet

Longue table conviviale au Cartet

En fait, ce doit sûrement être tout cela réuni ! Et une petite touche en plus ;-)

Bouquet de tulipes au soleil

Bouquet de tulipes au soleil

D’autant plus que beaucoup de ces idées sont facilement reproductibles à la maison…

Et vous, quel type d’ambiance vous fait tomber en amour avec un endroit ?

Bénédicte de {MyArtdeVivre}

Le Cartet – 106, Rue Mc Gill, Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2E5 - (514) 871-8887


En savoir plus :

Crédit photos : Bénédicte Françon

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