Monday Musing: Rediscovering the 9 to 5

October 20th, 2014 | No Comments »

9 to 5 outfit


I don’t know if it is the change of season or the sheer amount of accumulated sleep deprivation, but I am exhausted.

After a little introspection into my recent lackluster state, I have come to realize that maybe, just maybe, it was the lifestyle I chose that was the culprit. It’s that I have been my own boss for exactly 5 years now – Damask & Dentelle was launched on October 21st 2009, on the first birthday of my daughter Madison – and that I have never completely turned the off button since.


monday morning quote


home office decor3


Owning my own company + the fact that I now work from home means that I never really quit. Add to that a non-negligeable dependance to social media, under the pretext that it’s work (who am I fooling really?) and there you have an over-connected and under-rested business woman/mom of 3.

I love what I do, don’t get me wrong, but I realize that the rhythm at which I am going is completely insane and mostly… unsustainable on the long-term.

So I have made a decision, for real! I have decided that I will now order myself a “normal” schedule of work and that I will try to rediscover what it’s like to work from 9 to 5. I know it might be impossible to really have that kind of schedule, after all I do my most quiet work at night, but I will try really hard to organize my days in order to have most of my work done during the day and to then unwind and disconnect when evening comes.

I think this change, although benign to some, will make a huge difference on my restlessness, on my being present in the moment for my family and on my attentiveness to my - in real life - social  networks!

And you know what? I am not saving lives, I am sure emails can wait 12 hours for my reply. What do you say?


home office inspiration


home office decor


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Une chambre nautique

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Oh cette chambre, comme je l’aime! C’est rare, très rare que nous avons l’occasion de décorer une chambre qui soit complètement “vierge”. Un canevas qui n’a jamais été touché de la plume de quelqu’un d’autre. Et lorsque cela se produit, notre premier instinct est de tout de suite ajouter de la couleur sur les murs.

Et bien cette fois-ci, j’ai choisi de laisser le canevas blanc immaculé et de laisser la pièce, baignée de lumière, vraiment mettre les meubles en valeur.





Quand on pense au look nautique on pense à des teintes de bleus et des rayures marine et blanches. Et bien pour cette jolie chambre je voulais explorer le blanc et le noir comme base sur laquelle j’ai par la suite ajouté les couleurs d’un coucher de soleil sur le rivage du Portugal: turquoise, corail, orange et bleu nuit… un mélange inusité certes mais tellement riche et enveloppant.






Je vais vous confier un petit secret, afin de garder le cap sur la vitesse à laquelle les décor vont, je les numérote pour ne pas me mélanger et vous savez quoi? Cette chambre nautique est le numéro 60! Soixante émissions durant lesquelles j’ai tenté de me réinventer moi en réinventant les meubles des charmants couples que j’ai rencontrés. Ça en fait des meubles n’est-ce pas? Et à chaque fois… j’ai encore les papillons. Comme la première fois.






photos: Vanessa Sicotte

Spotted on the Web

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Spotted on the web 8.10.14


I have a lot of catching up to do! With last week’s forced bed rest and minimal web consumption, I feel like I have been stranded on an island… Ok I am exaggerating, but only slightly. So, to make due, I have been gorging myself in my Oh so familiar universe of dreamy home decors and Pinterest inspirations.

I am really happy I did too, because I have finally found (I’ve been looking for weeks here in Montréal with no avail) the most adorable Chelsea booties, a mirror for my office and a great duffle bag too for our weekends up north at the cottage. Whatever you’re up to, I hope the beginning of your week has been as delightfully productive. :)


I think I finally found the mirror I want for my office!

Garance Doré’s 5 Style commandements

The Chelsea booties that have kicked all my other boots ass this fall.

9 things your home should no longer have if you are over 30 years old.

A dreamy duffel bag to travel around. Oust with the luggage on wheels!

Some great inspirations for hallways and corridors, just because they are often the last place we beautify.

This eclectic loft just because it’s made my heart skip a beat and because my son saw it and said: “Mommy, look… a plane!”

Monday Musing: Giving Thanks

October 6th, 2014 | No Comments »


I am sorry I have been M.I.A. this past week, I had an epic migraine that lasted me a good 4 days. So now that it has finally subsided and that I can think again, I thought that the time would be just right to give thanks.

thanksgiving pumpkin


Next Monday, on the 13th, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving (I live in Canada lovelies, in case you were still wondering). I try to be thankful all year round, but as is Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving is like an extra shot of love in my already very strong non-fat peppermint moka latte, extra hot, extra foam. I have a LOT to be thankful for this year:

  • My family, always and forever
  • My health, strong and steady, despite the occasional “can’t think straight… or at all for that matter” headaches. But as my grandma used to say: ” If it hurts, it means you have one.” Oh I love you Gram’s!
  • The third season of my TV show being the best one and most creative one yet. ( I have completed 65 shows so far… 65! Just thinking about it I can’t believe it)
  • Our forever house which has finally given us a place to call home. I loved my previous bohemian lifestyle, moving every other year or so, but I have to say that it feels nice to have a real home where to make lasting memories.
  • My little thriving company, who keeps growing and who found its voice and its own cool vibe
  • & of course, you all who have made my humble and beloved blog a destination you like to come to. I can’t tell you enough how blogging, over the past 6 years, has helped me grow both personally and professionally.


So, in order to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I’d leave you with a lovely Fall tablescape, clad in creme and gold.

Have a great week lovelies



fall tablescape in gold   gold and cream fall tablescape   fall tablescape   fall rustic sweet table   fall sweet table   painted pumpkins   fall tablescape1   Photo credits: The Glitter guide & JoPhoto

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