Spotted on the web: 11.21.14

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spotted on the web 11.21.14


What an exciting week it has been! Wednesday I hosted a media event, in my own home, for the CANVAS Christmas collection of Canadian Tire and despite the fact that I’ll be vacuuming glitter off my rugs until easter, I cannot believe how gorgeous it all turned out.

Then, on Thursday, I hosted a Christmas table setting workshop at West Elm and that was so much fun. The turn out was great (thanks to everyone who came) and I got to meet all sorts of lovely people.

So now, I deserve a rest and some quiet time with my little ones & my hubby. This weekend I’ll be catching up on my blogposts reading… starting with these.

Have a great weekend lovelies!



Jenna Lyons does it again.

You work from home? Here are some golden rules to live by.

Now that will get me to eat cauliflower… anytime!

A beautiful home in the West Village, contemporary & classic too.

Jamie, from Furbish Shop, gorgeous pattern play.

9 books to add to your Christmas wishlist.

Une chambre partagée très colorée

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bedding detail


Pour la dernière, oui oui la dernière, nouvelle émission de la saison 3 de Sauvez les Meubles,  j’ai eu le plus beau cadeau que je pouvais espérer! Ce cadeau est celui de faire une chambre d’enfants … pas pour une mais bien pour deux fillettes! #HappyDance

Leurs parents se sont mariés sur le bord du Gange en Inde et ils ont rapportés avec eux de nombreux souvenirs. C’est de ceci que je me suis inspirée pour créer, pour les fillettes, une chambre partagée colorée et ludique qui puisse bien passer le test du temps. Quand on a une chambre contenant une bassinette et un lit simple, le focus ne peut se porter sur la symétrie des meubles, il faut donc le porter ailleurs. J’ai choisi comme point focal le grand mur, face à la porte, sur lequel j’ai utilisé un papier peint qui n’a pas froid aux yeux. Ensuite j’ai harmonisé les ensembles de literies des deux lits pour unifier le tout.

Avez-vous remarqué l’explosion de motifs différents et de couleurs? N’ayez pas peur d’en faire autant… vous verrez que votre décor n’en sera que plus riche et surtout plus étonnant.


shared little girls bedroom

monkey chair

ecclectic shared bedroom

the aestate camel print

yellow dresser


Hygge and west wallpaper


floral ararngement by atelier carmel


Liste Shopping:

Papier peint par Karla Pruitt “Carved Ogee”: Hygge & West commandé chez Buk & Nola

Tête d’éléphant: West Elm

Literie avec les éléphants: Pottery Barn Kids

Housse de couette Liberty: Les Triplettes

Abat-jour suspendu: Pottery Barn

Literie bassinette: Pottery Barn Kids

Piqué pour la bassinette: Les Triplettes

Illustration de chameau: The Aestate

Lanterne de métal marocaine: Pottery Barn

Tissu avec des chapiteaux et des singes: CM Textiles

Cheval à bascules antique: Sykes & McGee

Arrangement floral: Atelier Carmel


photos: Vanessa Sicotte

Holiday Guide: Decorating Must Haves

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holiday must have

I think it is no secret that I am a Christmas groupie. I have to confess something, this year, I beat my own record and put up my decorations on the first weekend of November. I know there are far worst deeds in life, and for that reason my guilt is limited, but nonetheless, I did get some awkward looks from my neighbours with their Halloween festooned lawns. Oh well! #YOLO

So, there you have it, my first Holiday guide of the season. This one is for all of the other crazies like me out there (let’s unite!!!). Many more guides will follow in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


Shopping List:

Boxwood planter

Reindeer & Santa mug

Peppermint brownie mix


Holiday candle

Murchison-Hume gift set

Black & white stripes ornament

Fa La La ornament

Napkin tray


White Walls: When Romantic Meets Industrial

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industrial romantic kitchen


I don’t know if it is because we’ve had our first snow yesterday, but I am seeing white! Don’t get me wrong I do love a nice vintage brick wall, but not every room is suited to it and it can quickly become overpowering, and you know what they say: you can never go wrong with white.

Crisp and contemporary, sleek and yet energetic, it is the best colour to revive a stone or brick wall. In turn, this will also have the effect of quieting the room down in order to let the decorative accents really pop against the now white backdrop.

Have a great week lovelies!


industrial romantic kitchen with brick wall


rustic romantic dining room


whitewashed brick living room


whitewashed brick


white stone wall in the bedroom


photos via: Rum Hemma

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