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What a week it has been… I mean WHAT a week! I feel like it has been months since I last wrote and yet it all happened in the last 4 days. Ouf. After the “great escape to Toronto” last weekend, I came back with a trunk full or vintage finds and my head filled to the brim with ideas for what was about to begin.



Monday morning, bright eye and not so bushy tail (we had driven over 7 hours to come back due to traffic on the 401), I embarked on what is already becoming an adventure of magnificent proportions… I started to film the first show of 26 to come of “Sauvez les Meubles” (Save the Furniture). Yup, the wheel is officially in motion after a year and a half of planning. Woot woot!



Let me tell you a little more about what this show will be all about and why I am doing it… not that I need to justify myself (it’s more like sharing my overflowing joy)! So the concept is all about literally saving the furniture in people’s homes which they’ve inherited from family members, found in garage sales, or simply always had them and which they don’t know what to do with anymore. We’ll paint, repurpose, recycle & refurbish, hammer, and sew pieces back together to give them a new beginning and create, in the process, decors that are truly one of a kind.



You know how I feel about our current day and age where we can no longer afford to simply buy and buy some more, whether for financial or environmental reasons. It is not about consuming less it is about consuming better! Cool no? And in the process I hope to bring to the audience DIY ideas to try on their own but also to make them discover some of the great artisans and retailers that I have come to know and love on Damask & Dentelle.



Doesn’t it seem to be made for me? I’d say so!! (Happy Dance) One small hurdle though… every week, I’ll have to bring vintage pieces back to life and in the current century while spending no more than 500$. Yup 500 loonies! So, more than ever, I will be raking my brains for ideas and inspirations that have that little “je ne sais quoi”. (This home right here is definitely source for much inspiration don’t you think?) 


Let me finish by reming you that today is the LAST day to enter the Home Depot Dream Kitchen contest!! A 2500$ gift card is up for grabs to remodel your current kitchen. So if you live in Québec, check it out and be sure to send in your pics.


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