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I don’t know if it is because I have 3 little munchkins running around my humble abode, but children room design always get me! (OK, I also get misty watching How to Train Your Dragon… but that’s another story!)



There is something quite whimsical about a child’s room. They do not see their decor as we do. Their comfortable bed with matching bedding is for them either a castle or a drifting raft where hungry sharks swim below. Their little colouring desk becomes, in a flash, an English Tea Room where dolls and stuffed animals attend with great ceremony.



As I look at the glossy pages of magazines and the beautifully curated rooms they present, I marvel at how far chilren room design has come. Long gone are the days or Winnie the Pooh (no offence Winnie, your books and movies rock!) wallpaper and marching bedding.



Colour schemes are vivacious and adult like, the textures are soft and curly but also sophisticated and rich. Themes have been left aside to leave the whole floor for ambiances with streamlined or moody decors. I could not be happier!!



And when all is said and done, and we, as parents, have gotten our design fix, I can only marvel once more at the fact that my children still think their eclectic, bohemian vintage inspired bedroom, still makes for a great space ship or camping tent! Let them keep that child heart as long as possible for spying on their “pretend games” is one of my most profound source of happiness!!


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