Perfectly Imperfect


I looked at this home and quickly realized that it probably would never do the cover of a decor magazine nor be the feature of a TV show. Slick and lacquered, curated and minimalist are all attributes that apply only in very small proportions to this lovely residence… and yet I am taken by this Swedish home.



There is something very casual and inviting about the messy order that prevails throughout the house. Bold colours colliding in a Jelly Bean bag kind of way, inexpensive finds and iconic classics living side by side in an otherwise white and bright living canvas.




I think this would probably describe as well my humble abode on the westside of Montreal’s downtown. And as much as I would love to have my house “picture perfect”… well it is anything but. I kind of had to come to terms with the this week after I learned that 7 Jours (a Québec weekly magazine for all things artistic) was coming to my house this Thursday to do a full feature with my family and I to promote Sauvez les Meubles (and I assume to snoop as to whether I live my my own set of rules).



My initial reaction was to scan my living room and adjoining rooms and make a mental list of all the things I had never gotten around to do. My bedroom – although more organized than a few months ago – remains the landing ground for everything and anything that passes the front door. My living room finally has a rug that I like (after trying 4 over a one year period!) so I am happy about that but the one in my son’s room is not ideal (family budget restrictions). My dining room has been invaded by all the accessories I buy for the show and that are too fragile to remain in my workshop, but that part I can clean before they arrive camera in hand. And so on and so forth…




After the list was completed, another reflection came to mind, and it is that my house will never be picture perfect, because I am not. I am full of irks and quirks, I am a little bohemian at heart and although I am VERY clean (read here a little freak about cleanliness actually), I do feel comfortable living in a controlled chaos.



So bring on the magazine people and their crew… at the end of the day I know my 3 kids, husband and I will charm them to the point that they “might” not even notice the messy order that is the law in our home.


source: Bolaget

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