Time to Layer up!

Kim Kersov
Hi all, Gabrielle from Savvy Home here for another top 5. No better time to start layering up than in winter right? Or course when it comes to decor it’s not about layering clothes but rather layering decor items in a room to create more depth.


Jeffrey Bilhuber


What does depth, or layers actually achieve in a room? It fills voids and awkward corners and it makes a room feel less empty. Layering is a decorators’ best kept secret. It makes a room feel complete, more cozy and more like a home. How do you achieve a layered look?


Jeffrey Bilhuber


I’ve put together a few layering tricks for you.

1. Start with the rug or rather, the rugs. A decorator’s oldest trick is to layer a smaller more colorful or vibrant rug on top of a large neutral rug. Beautiful quality rugs are expensive, and every decorator knows that a small rug will only look out of place. By layering rugs, you can create the same impact while anchoring the room with a larger less expensive rug underneath.


Thom Filicia


2. Place your furniture. A great trick is to layer a smaller table or stool in front of a large table, a bookcase, a sofa, a bed or other. It anchors the piece of furniture into the space.


Muriel Brandolini


3. Layer the window treatments. I’ve talked about this before. A roman shade layered underneath curtain panels is a great solution not only aesthetically, but also practically. It’s a classic style with endless combinations.


Nate Berkus


4. Layer art on top of wallpaper, bookcases or even on top of each other. Sure artwork can look great on an empty white wall, if you have a few pieces arranged into a gallery wall, or if the art is showstopping in size or impact. But more often than not, smaller artwork need a little boost not get lost on a large white background.


Kenneth Battelle


5. Layer items on your side tables or consoles in a dynamic way. Different heights is primordial: lower items will look great in front of higher ones. In doubt, play with the composition until it’s pleasing to the eye.


Cathy Echols


How would you achieve the layered look in your home?


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  1. says

    What wondeful ideas! I’ve been trying to decide about wallpapering a few walls at home so I loved your comment about wallpaper behind art. My only hesitation at the moment is making a hole in the paper to hang something… if you have any thoughts on a way around this I’d love to hear!



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