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Everyone has a wish list for their dream home filled with “must-have” items. In this series, I’ll fill you in on my own “must-have” items – and hopefully show you that in some cases they’re more attainable than you think! – Gabrielle, Savvy Home







What do the five pendant lights below have in common? They’re all inspired by various facets of the industrial era, and they all have a single bulb and dome shape. These are my favorite pendants to use in a small space: over a breakfast table, in a bathroom or hallway. They work well in pairs or groups, for example above a kitchen island. They’ll give your room the slightly rough edge your room had been missing. Which one would you choose?



1. One-Light Black Matte Pendant 2. Heirloom Scalloped One-Light Pendant 3. Seaside Nautical Dome Light 4. One-Light Glass Pendant 5. Old Bronze One-Light Pendant


Gabrielle | Savvy Home

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Photo credits: S.R. Gambrel |Jeffrey Alan Marks | Brian Paquette | Molly LuetkemeyerAngie Hranowsky

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