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Detail Oriented

Friday, March 9th, 2012



What is it they say… the devil is in the details? Although it would be nice to skip over this step entirely, I came to realize that it is probably the one that makes a home… a home.


As I was perusing through the glossy pages (oh wait that was the glare of my screen) of Lonny Magazine, I couldn’t help but muse over that fact. Could accessories and decorative details be the “make or break” factor in the overall look of a room?

Could generic pieces of furniture be elevated to a glamorous status based solely on the arrangements of a few trinkets and plush throw pillows?

And, while we’re at it, let me ask: what constitutes a “detail” when it comes to pulling a decor together?



As I look at these delectable images and ponder on the state of being (I am very profound this morning), questions arise and I am curious to hear of opinions other than the ones in my head. Hence, I am sending out this blogpost to you and asking: what do you think? “Does the devil lie in the details” or is “a diamond in the rough” just as good and valid saying?

I look forward to reading your comments and see what you think and how you go about this ageless debate (I am only exaggerating so slightly).




Source: Lonny Mag

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